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Love Kabob is a comedy web series about a marriage that mixes old-world religions with new-world pop culture and technology — and then bakes that mixture in an oven heated by the kinds of no-holds-barred arguments that only married people have. American Catholic Elle loves pop music, fad diets, Real Housewives, and her Pakistani Muslim husband, Kamal. Kamal loves her right back — as long as she doesn’t interrupt while he’s gaming on his Xbox (or the Play Station, the computer, or the Wii….Well, okay, he would still love her, just not nearly as passionately.). These New Yorkers negotiated all their major theological differences before they married four years ago, but it’s surprising how cultures divide over questions of appropriate movie night attire and toilet-paper buying responsibilities. Also, on the off-chance that they ever agree on something, Elle and Kamal are surrounded by a quirky group of friends and some very wacky, very opinionated in-laws, all happy to stir the pot anytime.

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Sending Our Love

Season 1 | Episode 01 (07:06)

Elle has a plan to help out American relations with the "Muslim World" - if only Kamal would get on board already.


  • Gerrard Lobo as Kamal
  • Lindsay Levesque-Alam as Elle
  • Matthew Rini and Jarett Karlsberg as Alex
  • Risa Binder as Jamie
  • Daniel Blatman as Matt
  • Katie Murphy as Skyler
  • Jyoti Singh as Khadija
  • Rahoul Roy as Saleem
  • Deb Trouché as Faith
  • John Carlton as Hank
  • Jeff Green as Father Bobby


  • Lindsay Levesque-Alam (Creator/ Writer/Director/Producer)
  • Justin Morales (Video/Editing)


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