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Living with Frankenstein


Frankenstein’s Monster (aka Frank) is alive and living in Los Angeles with Mary Shelley, PB Shelley, and Lord Byron. In this dark comedy the Monster is not a fictional character. PB Shelley created Frank, and Mary Shelley wrote the novel “Frankenstein” to chronicle actual events.

They’ve remained alive for nearly 200 years by injecting Frank’s blood, but now a dogged reporter, Ernestine, has discovered their secret and has vowed to expose them.

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The New Romantics

Season 1 | Episode 01 (04:00)

Frankenstein's Monster (aka Frank), Mary Shelley, PB Shelley and Lord Byron try to rent an apartment in Los Angeles in 2012.


  • Jennifer Neala Page as Mary Shelley
  • Matt Kelly as Frank
  • Patrick Thompson as PB Shelley
  • Steve Brian as Lord Byron
  • Laura Waddell as Claire
  • Tatjana Bluchel as Ernestine


  • Deborah Baxtrom (Writer/Director/Producer/Editor)
  • Burke Daniel (DP/Camera/Make-up/Hair)
  • John Palisano (Camera/Gaffer)
  • Shawn Olivo (Sound Recording)
  • Sarah Jackson (Production Coordinator)


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