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Kate & Kula


Longtime friends Kate & Kula are pharmaceutical reps. Their job? To coerce nefarious doctors to order the latest meds being peddled by the drug company, The Polanis Group. This often entails debaucherous partying and a blatant exchange of cash filled envelopes. Due to budget cuts, The Polanis employees’ salaries have been slashed. So, Kate & Kula stealthily sign on as paid test subjects for a competitor’s new med, Fem A, a drug designed to curb women with “Type A” personalities. But things soon go awry and for K&K, the side effects of the drug cause some comically violent, darkly deviant and psycho sexual behavior!

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Season 1 | Episode 01 (05:01)

Pharmaceutical reps and bessie mates, Kate & Kula sign on to be (paid) test subjects for FEM A, an experimental med designed to control women with "Type A" personalities. But the side effects have the opposite effect and the results are volcanic, no one is safe! Welcome to the manic world of Kate & Kula...


  • Katie Hyde Lewars as Kate
  • Namakula Mu as Kula


  • Namakula (Director)
  • Jack Lewars (DoP)
  • David Griffiths (DoP)
  • Ray Frech (DoP)


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