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In Her Shoes Web Series


You can recognize a woman by her shoes.
The first fashion comedy where the shoes are the main characters. A completely new point of view: you don't see the faces, but rather the shoes and feet of the characters.
Five women meet in a company’s ladies, chatting about their relationships, female tricks, stories, gossip and intimate secrets, at the mercy of emotional crisis that dominates our world. That’s synecdoche: the part represents the whole!

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  • Liliana Olivieri as Beatrice
  • Sharon Fryer as Dolores
  • Marianne Hasley as Miriam
  • Rachel Roberts as Letizia
  • Audrey Sadleir as Martina


  • Lorena Adami (Creator /Director /Ptoducer)
  • Alessandro Perrone (Producer)
  • Filmgood (Producer)
  • Alessandro Paci (Director)


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