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A recently unemployed civil servant, deep in debt, turns to paid medical testing in order to pay his bills, but finds himself developing strange abilities and targeted by shadowy organizations as a result.

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CMR Promo

Season 1 | Episode 01 (02:06)

Dr. Snowdon at the Centre for Mental Research exhorts potential testing subjects to come to the CMR and sign up for paid testing.


  • Jeff Sinasac as Hal
  • Jordan Mechano as Aaron
  • Keisha Prince as Nat
  • Robert Nolan as Dr. Snowdon
  • Ian Dyck as Lab Assistant Drew Strasser
  • Nina Iordanova as Lab Assistant Margaret Scovitch
  • Luke Marty as Pvt. Miles 'Mylie' March
  • Jonathan Robbins as Pvt. Dan Nicholson
  • Stephanie Carpanini as Croker
  • Paul Nicholls as the Mayor
  • Ashley Tredenick as Gail
  • Jeff Saamanen as Mitchell Radczek


  • Brian Clement (Writer/Director)
  • Ryan Couldrey (Director of Photography)
  • Graham Robinson (Boom Operator)
  • Jasper van der Veen (Title Theme Composer)
  • Ashley Regnier (Special Effects Makeup)
  • Kara Devlin (Special Effects Makeup)
  • Melissa Leslie (Special effects Makeup)
  • Stephanie Semenuk (Special effects Makeup)
  • Kristina Johnson (Special effects Makeup)


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