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Hunter n Hornet, is a 21 episodes comedy series, that follows the journey of two wannabe pickup artists, Cade and Sade, in their quest to becoming pickup gurus. Being too scared to chat with girls, Cade and Sade study pickup techniques and role play pickup scenarios on each other.

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  • Sonny Vrebac as Sade/Hunter
  • Aljin Abella as Cade/Hornet
  • Emily Rose Brennan as Rhonda
  • Laura Dundovic as Anna


  • Sonny Vrebac (Director/Writer/Producer)
  • Oliver Wenn (Content Producer)
  • Lucas Tomona (Cinematographer)
  • Alex Glucina (Camera/Lighting Assistant)
  • Georgia Hopkins (Production/Costume Designer)
  • James Stewart (Sound Recordist)
  • Jade Little (Make up/Hair)
  • Alex Glucina (Camera/Lighting Assistant)
  • Steve McCall (Production Co-ordinator/Runner)
  • Jeremy Allen (Production/Costume Assistant)
  • Rafael A Nazario (Music) Stewart Arnott (Editor/Colour Grade)
  • Sylvain Prevost (Sound Mix)
  • Sandstorm FX (Animation/FX)
  • Edison Saloman (Graphics)


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