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In the corrupt city of Nottywood, two brave yet, ridiculously unqualified citizen’s dawn there superhero alter egos and become “The JustUs League” to face the tyranny of Big Boss, Me-No Black, and The Firm…

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  • Bryan Lugo as The Redd Robbyn
  • Matthew Mckinley as Mr. Nyce Guy
  • Harold Stancle as Me-No Black
  • Marlon Bivens as Bishop
  • Neil Brown Jr. as Oliver
  • Joshua D. Lewis as Repo
  • Derrick White as Big Boss
  • Jose Lugo as Anchorman
  • David Lovan as Vegas Dollarz
  • Amir Stephens as Rook
  • Jason “Draq” Wallace as Lucius/Goon 1
  • Alexander Peniston as The Twins
  • Cheryl Aquino as Sharon/Jaywalker
  • Elliot Rodriguez as Alley Thug
  • Matt "Knomad" Teta as Goon 2
  • Jan Hoffman as Bank Robber 1
  • Anthony Soriano as Niner
  • Justin Bowen as Goon 3


  • Bryan Lugo (Creator/Producer/Director/Editor)
  • Anthony Soriano (Executive Producer/DP)
  • Mathew Mckinley (Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer)
  • Harold Stancle (Co-Creator/Executive Producer/Writer)
  • Cheryl Aquino(Executive Producer)
  • Matt "Knomad" Teta (Music)
  • Joe Jackson "Jaxxon Studios" (Music)


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  • Jose

    This looks like is going to be an awesome webseries. I will be looking forward to waching soon.

  • Frank

    Bryan Lugo – a Star is Born! Kudos on the series pilot!

  • Cheryl L.

    Bryan Lugo, you are phenomenal! Looking forward to all your projects to come! 🙂

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