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Hand of Glory


“Hand of Glory” follows Joseph, a lonely widower seeking the affection of a troubled young woman named Karen. Finding it difficult to lower Karen’s guard, however, Joseph turns to desperate means in order to win her heart.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (16:48)

Meet Joseph, a lonely widower who takes a shine to a troubled young woman who frequents a bar along his delivery route. When the opportunity for a chivalrous deed arises, Joseph turns to mystical measures as a means to win Karen's affection.


  • Darren
  • Marlar
  • Heather Dorff
  • Michael Schmid
  • Joe DeBartolo
  • Justin R. Romine
  • Richard Bunch
  • Sue Cook
  • Randy Cook
  • Brian Kramer
  • Ashley Hirth
  • Stuart Wahlin


  • Stuart Wahlin (writer/director)
  • Justin R. Romine (cinematographer)


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