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Good Lovin’


The series is about Trina Bailey and Lonnie Goodman. They’ve had an ongoing "arrangement" for the past 6-months. She works days, he works nights and whenever their schedules allow they get together for one thing: SEX! Trina grows frustrated and realizes she’s settling. She wants to go on dates and get to know the man she’s been sleeping with. She confronts Lonnie with questions (When’s my birthday? Where was I born?) to help prove they’re practically strangers. After failing to answer a single question correctly, he understands where she’s coming from.

Does Lonnie want more than sex? Are they compatible outside the bedroom? Can a hook-up situation evolve into a relationship?

Good Lovin’ is about knowing where you stand in a situation, being vulnerable, letting your guard down and possibly exploring love.

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Season 1 | Episode 01 ()

Trina grows frustrated with the "sex only" arrangement between her and Lonnie. She's ready for more and after six months -- isn't she worth at least a date?


  • Blair Sharne as Trina Bailey
  • David Hunter
  • Jr. as Lonnie Goodman


  • Rhonda Kennedy (Writer/Producer)
  • John Hermann (Director/Producer)
  • Joey Sylvester (Assistant Director)
  • Mike Halper (DP/Editor)
  • Michelle LeRoy (Production Designer)
  • A. Tad Chamberlain (Sound Recordist)
  • Cory Reed (Gaffter)
  • Skye Johnson (Make-up Artist)
  • Geoff Mark (VFX Artist)


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