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Going Our Way


This is the story of Caz (23, lazy, unemployed and clumsy) who is trying to get an internship on Australia's number one soap opera 'Next Door'. However, her high school nemises, Ralph, turns up in her life just at the right moment to ruin everything, like he always has. Join Caz, Saj, Rhiannon, Ralph, Matt and Tobi as they live their lives being 20 something & (mostly) unemployed.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (03:57)

Caz is an unemployed aspiring TV writer. She is all set for another afternoon sitting on the couch dissecting TV shows when her housemate drags her to stalk the stars of his favourite soap opera, Next Door, at their local bar.


  • Donna Pope as Caz
  • Sajeeva Sinniah as Saj
  • Loz Wade as Rhiannon
  • Tobi Johnson as Tobi
  • Matt Young as Matt Doyle
  • Gordon Boyd as Ralph
  • Thomas Bulle as Jay
  • Don Bridges as Al
  • Clara Pagone as Liz
  • Chris Chalmers as Eddie
  • Tom McCathie as Writer #2.


  • Jessica Brajoux (Director)
  • John Erasmus (Director)
  • Fiona Eloise Bulle (Producer/Writer)
  • Serenity DeAngeles (1st AD/Production Manager)
  • Gordon Boyd (Gaffer)
  • Mike Young (Director of Photography)
  • Glenn Triggs (Camera Operator B)
  • Elliott Klein (Sound)


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