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Floored is a web series based around the adventures of Alex McDonald a 19-year-old, three-year “veteran” of the Boston Hill 8 Cinema.

Alex and his fellow band of misfits find out their beloved but run down cinema is going out of business.

Strapped for cash and ideas they discover the real money in movies isn’t selling tickets or popcorn.

The REAL money is in movie piracy.

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It's Not Just Ripping Tickets

Season 1 | Episode 01 (09:49)

Boston Hill Cinema -- Old, irrelevant, dying. That's the bad for complex manager Jennifer. Worse news? Alex McDonald is still on staff. With a new group of trainees entering the fray, will Alex find a way to distract them? Will over the top supervisor Trevor be able to stop him?


  • Alex McDonald as Mike Salisbury
  • Trevor Murphy as Duncan Bruce
  • Blake Hartley as Genevieve Brock
  • Jenifer Crown as Carolyn Masson
  • Jake Ward as Will Weatheritt
  • Tim Porter as Jarrod Sandells
  • Casey Cowan as Emma-Louise Buck
  • Sandy Zhào as Rowenia Wong


  • Michael Salisbury (Writer/Creator)
  • Jessica Gulasekharam (Producer)
  • Justin Brewster (Director/DP/Editor)
  • Rob Montgomery (Music)
  • Andy Lee (Opening Titles)
  • Stephen Robertson
  • Chris Martin


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