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Fishbowl of Love


“Fishbowl” of Love follows the story of Beverly Stevens (Brittany Samson), a twenty something who finds herself all alone when she leaves her comfortable life in the Midwest for the red carpet of Hollywood. So she does what anyone would do. She joins an internet dating site to meet people and explore LA. And who better to share her dating experiences with than her unsuspecting Indian neighbor Danjit (Jorge Luis Abreu). But of course the men she meets are less Hollywood and more Hollyweird. Watch these strange dates unfold as she meets friends along the way

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  • Brittany Samson
  • Jorge Luis Abreu
  • Trey Rogers
  • JR Jaus
  • Jared Black
  • Lee Amir-Cohen
  • Manny Cazz
  • Eric Bram
  • Mindy Chon
  • David Kim
  • Chris Darkes
  • Jeff DuJardin


  • Brittany Samson
  • Chris Darkes
  • Mindy Chon
  • Alex Brodsky
  • Mindi Plat
  • Kimberly Stiles
  • Elizabeth Mohun
  • Ashley Hayes


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