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Family Problems


The series is about a family who buries a body in the woods and then tries to live their life. During the entire series, the audience is left guessing which character is the murderer.

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Season 1 | Episode 01 (16:42)

A family buries a body in the woods, and pretends that nothing happened the next day.


  • Theresa Chiasson as Molly Solloway
  • Peter Morse as Henry Solloway
  • Natasha Hatalsky as Detective Christina Elliot
  • Sarah Alfano as Missy Solloway
  • Alex Dhima as Connor Solloway
  • Vicky Lynch as Jennifer Grady
  • Stacey Forbes-Iwanicki as Detective Elizabeth Hunt
  • Christopher Ferreira as Aaron
  • Mary Paolino as Dolores
  • John Samela as Chief Alexander Hudson
  • Steven Perry as Officer #1
  • Heather Conroy as Beverly
  • Coco Chitwood as Coco


  • Seth Chitwood (Creator/Writer/Director/DP/Executive Producer)
  • Theresa Chiasson (Producer)
  • Paulie Devlin (Assistant Director)
  • Krystal Hall (Production Assistant)
  • Jennifer Walsh (Production Assistant)


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