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Face Off Redemption


A web series from the Syfy series Face Off where eliminated contestants have a chance to win a spot on the next season of Face Off.

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  • Glenn Hetrick (Host)


  • TBA


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  • Anthony

    Argh! I’m watching this in Canada on Space Ch. Too bad I can’t watch the webseries from here. :'(

    • zax

      Get a free proxy apps for firefox man!

  • YES!!!!! We want Katie back to see what more she can do!

  • Codylj1

    Can’t view the vid on my iPhone. That sucks.

  • Lindsay

    Crying because of the not being to watch this solely based on the fact that I am Canadian. Why must we be excluded from the extra bit of awesomeness? *sad face*

  • Kevin

    Being on Hulu means no Canadian can watch this. This web series would be much better off on Youtube.

  • veavea

    Hopefully they bring back roy wooley. I think he should have won last season. He had mad fabrication skills.

  • Andrea

    Why is this not on Youtube? I’m a big time Face Off fan, but I’m from Hungary (Europe), which means I can’t watch these episodes… Whoever came up with this idea deserves a bitch slap.

  • I truly feel for those in other countries that can’t link to web series. Watching Redemption is just as good as Faceoff. I can cheer for my favorites that got eliminated. And what is the best part is my favorite judge does the judging.

  • cajunmama

    More & more people are going mobile, so SYFY should too. It is irronic that fans can’t view web episodes – leading edge tv stops going forward is just silly!
    Now get to work on going mobile – and Android os’s as well as “i” os’s should come out at the same time. It’s the geeks that get this channel & lots of them love android for the freedom & immagination it gives without the hassle or price of the other brand.
    I love the show & think it’s the finest in realality shows!
    Debbie B. 🙂

  • TnTerrie

    How the judges were able to decide who to eliminate in the final four is excruciating! All of those artists have so much talent and they will all do well in the business! So sad to see Eric F go but I know he will redeem himself here!

    • madison

      i love eric f. and he needs to come back!

      • Santiago Calvete

        Yes eric f. Is the best i think that is the better

  • maddy

    -_- Canadians love this too you know… i would very much like to watch this.

  • Eric .F come back you were one of the best I love what you do even if this is Michelle it is actually her daughter lee you rock no matter if you got voted off I’m still your # 1 fan and do not think of what the judges said and did you make cool things and even if you make cool and creepy things and even if they say stop doing it be yourself and that’s what makes you cool and who you are so your amazing I love once more bye

  • jasmine

    Im gonna miss Eric F…he always thought out of the box and big

  • BethAnn Torres

    Not sure what the judges are thinking this season…there have been. Some real half ass looking work from some of the contestance and yet they managed to slide by!… Wayne did a half ass paint job. AGAIN..due to lack of his time management issues and Chris creature was ripped!!…sorry but Eric should NOT have been eliminated

  • Jess

    Super upset Eric F didn’t win 🙁 I literally almost cried, he is such an amazing artist he deserved to win his season, and most certainly deserved the redemption spot over Eric Z. BAD FORM FACE OFF! BRING BACK ERIC F!!!!!!!

  • eric f

    i really didnt want eric f. going home! it was really sad and i wanna know who wins!

  • catherine

    Episode 4 in redemption cut off and did not see the results. Can someone fix this

  • Eric F. I look forward to seeing you Aug 27th for season 5!!!

  • So rooting for Eric F, butrEric z freaked me out with his clow, Give it to the boy, well see if he can get through season 5. awesomeness

  • gala

    the one who win is ericz and i hate it!!!!!! i love ericf he is amazing!!!! he really has something! i really mad about this!

  • eve

    Eric F. and glenn should go head to head. But that will never happen. glenn just might lose. Ego couldn’t handle that. Its a shame that glens pettiness is keeping a great talent from being seen.

  • H matte

    This should be on youtube big time.

  • Serge

    En France aussi, on aimerai bien voir ces vidéo!!! 🙁

    (In France too, we would like to see these video!)

  • Lauryn- Hunted Girl

    I think Eric F. Should come back to season 5

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