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End Times


After a viral outbreak wipes out civilization, five geeky teenagers record their adventures on an old camcorder as they strike out across the apocalyptic landscape to find a home.

Twelve years later, a woman living in a post-virus society finds and tries to make sense of their videos–while coming to terms with the injury that changed her life forever.

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Camera On

Season 1 | Episode 01 (07:20)

The Archivist begins a new project; five survivors of a viral apocalypse find a video camera in an abandoned house.


  • Kim Miner as The Archivist
  • Abby Burlingame as Trace Roth
  • Cameron Riggins as Harry Fremont
  • Kevin Wyatt-Stone as Charlie Brightman
  • Katrina Santos as Kimber Gregg
  • Jordy Renderos as Adrian Gregg


  • Alex Nolan (Director/Writer/Editor)
  • Lara Nolan (Production Manager/Costumer)
  • Riley Miller (Set Designer)
  • Travis Lilly (Graphic Artist)
  • Kevin Wyatt-Stone (Music)
  • Katrina Santos (Interviews)


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