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‘Dogs & Me’ is a comedy web series centered on a young, Hollywood actor, and his two talking dogs. From unexpected awkwardness, to absolute insanity, ‘Dogs & Me’ is a never-ending journey that both pulls at the heart strings & tickles the funny bone.

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Boss Balls

Season 1 | Episode 01 (04:10)

"Dogs & Me" is a single camera sitcom loosely based on the life of writer/director, Matt Rocklin. The series centers on a young Hollywood actor, Matt Rocklin, and his two talking dogs, Jerry & Scarlet. From unexpected awkwardness, to absolute insanity, 'Dogs & Me' is a never-ending journey that both pulls at the heart strings & tickles the funny bone.


  • Matt Rocklin as Matt
  • Petra Areskoug as Scarlet
  • Ray Plumb as Jerry
  • Samantha Gutstadt as Megan
  • Karen Strong as Laura
  • Jani Blom as Fred
  • Christine Moore as Stacey
  • & Christopher Gehrman as Chris.


  • Matt Rocklin (Producer/Writer/Director/Editor)
  • Miguel Amodio (Cinematographer/Asst. Editor/Post Supervisor)
  • Jonathon Williamson (Production Sound Mixer/Sound Designer)
  • Michael Lang (Production Manager)
  • & Derek Jordan (Main Title Theme/Original Music)


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  • Mary Lodge

    I love Dogs & Me! Not only are the actors wonderful, but the dog actors are spot on! Kudos to Jerry and Harriet and their hilarious voice overs! This is such a funny, clever web series!

  • treyplumb@yahoo.com

    I love this series glad it will go on …..very well done…..

  • crocklin

    This Web Series is Hilarious and will make you laugh out loud!!!!
    All the actors are so talented and funny…the content will catch you by surprise sometimes…so beware .. and also tug at your heartstrings <3 .I promise laughter! Great Job Matt Rocklin and all the actors in each episode. Also special recognition to the voices of Jerry and Scarlet.. you two are hysterical!

  • C. Plumb

    I love watching these 6 shows over and over! Great job, Matt Rocklin, Ray Plumb (Jerry) and Petra Areskoug (Scarlet)! Really looking forward to more episodes and any other upcoming productions. Congratulations on getting “Editor’s Pick”! It’s well deserved!

  • Thomas Harrington

    This show is freaking hilarious, why isn’t this on TV? There is nothing like it on tv, these talking dogs and off beat characters had me laughing through all the episodes, great concept. I want to see what happens next.

  • catbell

    I love this series!! Just can’t get the song out of my head!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/gomagnus Puzzling with Magnus

    Dude this show is friggin’ brilliant

  • b fin

    great series, love the concept!

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