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Dr. Samuel has tried unsuccessfully to rescue his daughter from the clutches of dead, but the research he’s been carrying out has brought back to life a large number of deceased people. The Unearthed can’t remember anything of their past lives, and have created an isolated community that is watched closely by Nicole, a psychologist. The strange dreams that Natalie is having and the mysterious voices that only Oliver can hear will force Albert to do anything to keep the secret hidden.

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  • Christian Stamm as Dr. Samuel
  • Jessica Alonso as Nataly
  • Juanma Mallen as Albert
  • Maria Minaya as Nicole
  • Juanan Lucena as Oliver
  • Ines Padilla as Barbara


  • Xavi Cortes (Director/Screenplay)
  • Carola Miralles (Production Manager)
  • Henar Rodriguez (Unit Manager)
  • David Avila (Director of Photography)
  • Carlos Sevilla (Sound)
  • Raul Botella (Art Director)
  • Paky Padilla (Costume Design)
  • Hector Monerris (Visual Effects)


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