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Day Zero


The Earth has been mostly destroyed as a result of World War IV (Day Zero). Radiation and fallout from the global attacks affected most of those who survived, regressing them into a primitive-like state. The fairly scattered, infected “Hybrids” hunted down and killed nearly all of the remaining unaffected humans. A group of survivors in Utah are left to fend for themselves against both Humans and Hybrids.

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Season 1 | Episode 01 (22:30)

Blake Edwards' hand is forced when the other survivors stop tolerating his drug habit. Frustrated by the inability to comprehend the situation, Blake engages in taking on the radiation-infected hybrids alone.


  • Richard Scott Dean as Blake Edwards
  • Ken Applegate as Russell Braddock
  • Emilyne Guglietti as Kat Finch
  • Deven Baldwin as Rachael Shore
  • Cal Nguyen as Jim Lecter
  • Leo Lynton as Cameron Clark
  • Julie Touchet as Rosie Parker
  • Ethan Aguilar as Landon Parker
  • Scott Smith as Andrew Mallory
  • Jonathan C. Young as Micah Sloane
  • Kabrina Miller as Erica Jordan


  • Cal Nguyen (Creator/Producer/Director/Writer)
  • Kelsi Swensen (Writer)
  • Desiree Haymond (Producer)


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  • Lets get a discussion going here.  The question I got on my mind is which episode is your favorite and why?

  • Concept is interesting, but the narrative is a bit… off. Not sure why I’m not loving it. I’m having trouble getting into it.

    • Brook

      Merry the show is pretty advanced. Give it another try! Its by far one of the most original, captivating and thought provoking shows I’ve ever seen! Trust me its worth investing in! 😉

  • Eli

    I love the show!!

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