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We have an emotional connection to food. It’s the only thing in life that we all have in common – no matter our ethnicity, our heritage, or the culture in which we were raised. Food shows us that the sameness that brings us together is far greater than the differences that divide us.

As a chef, I’ve been exposed to people and foods from around the world, and each has influenced and inspired me. But when times are tough, I always go back to the comfort foods. And I’ve had a lot of tough times over the past year. While continuing to cook, write and support the causes I love, I’ve been going through a divorce. It’s taught me a lot about myself and my love for cooking. I’m starting fresh, with a renewed passion for life and what I do, and I want to share this adventure with you.

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Episode 1 : Chicken Wing Therapy

Season 1 | Episode 01 (09:56)

To me, food is everything. There isn't a memory I have that can't be connected in some way to food. It's a warm bowl of stew on a snowy day. It's the comfort food you cook for a friend going through a rough time. It's the chicken soup hug you give to your child when he's sick. And my passion for food and for cooking is how I've gotten through the tough times and shared the joys of the good times. When it comes to comfort food, I think there's one we all share - and that's fried chicken. We all love the crispy breading on a good chicken wing, glazed with a delicious sweet and spicy sauce. Really, sitting around a table, enjoying wings with good friends is the best therapy money can buy. So sit back and take notes, because we're about to begin some serious chicken wing therapy. Recipe - http://www.chefdaisymartinez.com/post/57803654438/if-its-summer-chicken-wings-with-jalapeno-honey


  • Chef Daisy Martinez


  • Daisy Martinez (Executive Producer/Writer)
  • Jd Urban (Executive Producer/Director/Editor/Writer)
  • Jason Lawrence (Writer)


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