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Cynic is a show about nihilistic disabled deviant Ted Shiress and his struggles against… well, everything. Ted is a stand up comedian who also has cerebral palsy.

Cynic follows Ted as he argues with Rachel, his support worker, tries to find love or pay for lust and his life as a comedian.

Ted may have cerebral palsy, but his only disability is his attitude.

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Season 1 | Episode 01 (05:19)

In this first episode Rachel, Ted's domestic assistant, comes in to find Ted in a state more disabled than she left him


  • Ted Shiress as Ted
  • Rachel Helena Walsh as Rachel
  • Laura Ramona Kendrick as Laura
  • Aisling Bell as Cassandra/Janine
  • Dan Mitchell as Dan
  • Gareth Brand as Gareth
  • Karen Steadman as Karen
  • Clint Westwood as Kim


  • Ted Shiress (Producer/Writer)
  • Paul Hunt (Producer/Script Editor)
  • Matt Troy (Producer/Script Editor)
  • Hugh Griffiths (Director)
  • Geraint Knott (Director)


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