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Cuarto Oscuro (Dark Room)


"El Revelador" is a mysterious being who takes photos of bizarre deaths to show develop later and in his dark room and tell us dark stories about strange events happened to regular people.

[Editor’s Note: Web series in Spanish with English subtitles.]

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"Al dente"

Season 1 | Episode 01 (10:00)

"Luchito" is a lowlife drug dealer who owe money to the wrong people, suddenly a misterious machine that generates money appears and all seems to be revolved, but nothing in life is that easy.


  • Carlos Thanax as "El Revelador
  • Ignacio Lagos as Luchito
  • Darwin Morgan as Mr. Ciro
  • Monserrat Olate as Mary
  • Ignacio Nuñez as Juan


  • Carlos Thanax (Director)
  • Cristian Gacitúa (Producer)
  • Claudio Riquelme (Director of photography)
  • Francisco Arratia (Art director)
  • Ignacio Lagos (Graphic design)
  • Antonio Osses (Sound engineer)


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