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"Crash Pad" is an ensemble comedy starring six L.A.-based actors and six Salt Lake-based actors.
It is a loosely-scripted series, providing the cast of award-winning comedy actors ample freedom for improvisation.
The season follows 12 flight attendants when they are not flying as they try to get along with, or purposely work to make life difficult for, each other.

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Chapter One - F.N.G.

Season 1 | Episode 01 (13:07)

The series opens with the introduction of the F'in' New Guy, Brad. The Brad meets the residents of the crash pad and decides if he's going to be staying.


  • Christopher Lars as Stewart
  • Tatum Langton as Rebecca
  • Joshua Cameron as Kevin
  • Ashley Campbell as Molly
  • Lee Fobert as Jimmy
  • Brenden Whitney as Louis
  • Jesse Peery as Brad
  • Chantel Flanders as Julia
  • Antonio Lexerot as Gregory
  • Jaclyn Easton as Kristen
  • Aline Andrade as Angela
  • Adrienne Hartvigsen as Sara


  • Antonio Lexerot (Director/Writer/Executive Producer/Creator)
  • Chris Henderson (Head writer/Executive Producer/Editor/Creator)
  • Ashley Campbell (Associate Producer)
  • Cathy Tidwell (Executive Producer)
  • Verl Tidwell (Associate Producer)
  • June Biancalana (Composer)
  • Kyle Jacobson (Cinematography)
  • Samuel Webster (Cinematography)
  • Robin Bodily (Makeup artist)
  • Skye Stratton (Makeup artist)
  • David Krieger (Sound recordist)
  • Allen Oliver (Sound recordist)
  • Christina Cline (Camera operator)
  • Yelena Baykova (Camera operator)
  • Brian Beauchamp (Camera operator)
  • Michael B. Call (Camera operator)
  • Mike Madsen (Camera operator)
  • Vance Mortimer (Camera operator)
  • Cal Nguyen (Camera operator)
  • John Parker (Camera operator)
  • Hunter Rose (Camera operator)
  • Emily Ann Roth (Camera operator)
  • Scott W. Warren (Camera operator)
  • Laura Delaney (PA)
  • Anna Grachanin (PA)
  • Joseph L. Puente (Super PA)


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