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Consequences is a dark comedy about 8 ex-convicts court-ordered to attend a support group to help them reintegrate into every day life.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (11:44)

The ex-convicts meet each other on the first day of the support group and learn about how each of them were convicted and why. Melody, the group leader, explains the process of why they are there and what will happen.


  • Shaun Landry as Martha
  • Jill Czarnowski as Melody
  • Amanda Ohly as Barbara
  • Misa Doi as Monisa
  • Ashley Knaysi as Thorah
  • Sashen Naicker as Hari
  • Tilt Tyree as Ray
  • Ronnie Karam as Jesus
  • Marco Tazioli as Billy


  • Darrin Yalacki (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer)
  • Michael May (Director/Executive Producer)
  • Lindsay Harbert (Producer)
  • Katie Bogart Ward (Producer)


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