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CONNECTIONS, a web series produced by students at Yale University, includes a drama (“Survive”) and a sitcom about making the drama (“Never Do Business With Friends”). Follow Bud, Ivan, Maxwell, Dan, and Michaela as they attempt to bring life to Peter–a young man torn between passion and duty–in a winding story of love, art, sex, and disease.

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  • Michael Knowles
  • Sigrid von Wendel
  • Hunter Wolk
  • Arden Rogow-Bales
  • Kyle Clark
  • Julia Myers
  • Sean McCusker
  • Kalyan Ray-Muzambar
  • Edward Delman
  • Julie Shain
  • Shannon Riccio
  • Lindsey Pearsall
  • Kyle Eisenberg
  • Murray Biggs


  • Julia Myers (Creator/Director/Writer/Producer)
  • Sean McCusker (Writer/Producer)
  • Arden Rogow-Bales (Writer)
  • Alex Lin (Writer)
  • River Clegg (Writer)


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  • Anonymus

    Wow, great web series. Very original and intricate! The connection (and parallel) between the drama and the making of the drama is a great idea. Very cool.

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