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Close Friends


The cast of "CLOSE FRIENDS" Web Series answers the million dollar question… Can Men and Women Be “JUST FRIENDS”?

CLOSE FRIENDS a drama web series about love, relationships, and the complexity of the Friend Zone.

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  • Julian Hanlan as Nathan
  • Erica Nicole as Valerie
  • Austin Buda as Kevin
  • Ashley Arielle as Tori
  • Debbie Obile as Kira
  • Nigel Hylton as Raheem


  • Ricky W. Jean Francois (Writer)
  • Beinis Alfred (Sound)
  • McKinson Souverain (Editor)


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  • Diana

    I really enjoy this series. It’s not too dramatic (which is lovely) but its dramatic enough. Thank you guys.

  • Theresa Muschetta

    Love it. Season 3 please and thanks

  • Cassie Moore

    I just started watching this yesterday and I love it I’m almost done with season 2 and I’m still mad at Raheem ugh can’t stand him but Val and Nathan are perfect well in my eyes also Kira and Marcus (Tipindell yass)

  • Chichi Cokegirl Underboss

    When is season 5 DOPE SHOW

    • Nikki

      I hope someone answer this question. I would love to see Season 5. I just started watching this and I am hooked.

  • bri

    When is Season 5???

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