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Awareness enhancers, street fundraisers, charity muggers (Chuggers)! Everyone hates them…but everyone deserves a job! Nobody is a winner!

Darryl, Ian and their charity fundraising friends come together in some pretty awkward scenarios in this British comedy web series to give a lighter side to these sometimes inhuman beings.

Every Sunday one short episode between 3 and 6 minutes is released allowing you into the minds of the Chugger!

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Hooves for Horses

Season 1 | Episode 01 (05:45)

In Episode 1 Darryl and Ian are trying to get sign up's for 'Hooves for Horses'. Darryl is new to the game, not only do people not fall for his charms but he gets distracted fairly easily! That and the fact nobody seems to give a f*^k about Hooves for Horses!


  • Matt Ralph as Darryl
  • Lee Griffiths as Ian
  • Lucy Thackeray as Rival Chugger
  • Andy McSorley as Jason


  • Marcus J. Richardson (Director)
  • Ashley David (Director of Photography)
  • Matt Ralph (Writer)
  • Lee Griffiths (Writer)


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