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Child of the ’70s


Carlo Perdente,a total loser, can't get a break. He gets fired from his survival job, he loses his rent-controlled NYC apartment, his boyfriend dumps him, and his overbearing Italian mother drives him crazy. His luck changes when he gets the job opportunity of a lifetime, working as personal assistant to has-been, former 1970s TV star, KiKi Lawrence.

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  • Bruce Vilanch
  • Ann Walker
  • Susan Olsen
  • Geri Jewell
  • Carole Ita White
  • Michael Vaccaro
  • David Zimmerman
  • Terry Ray
  • Lynne Stewart
  • Duane Boutte
  • Natalie Toro
  • Chuck Saculla
  • Johnny Hazzard
  • Michael Vaccaro


  • Eric Scot (director)
  • Terrence Moss (writer)
  • Gary Lamoin (director)
  • Michael Vaccaro (writer)


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