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“Camera Obscura” is a supernatural thriller that follows a young woman, Clara, and her relationship with her reclusive grandfather, a grizzled LAPD crime scene photographer. When he passes away, Clara soon discovers there was more to his life than she ever could have imagined. Quickly realizing the world is on a desperate precipice between reality and a nightmare dreamscape, where unimaginable creatures freely walk the earth, she must finish her grandfather’s quest before hell breaks loose.

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The Book

Season 1 | Episode 01 (07:13)

Clara discovers that her dead Grandfather was secretly into the occult...


  • Reagan Dale Neis as Clara
  • Timm Sharp as Chad
  • Don Jeffcoat as Jason
  • Charlotte Bjornbak as Officer Rachel Hallan
  • Edin Gali as Dean
  • Michelle L.
  • Gardner as Mother
  • Fiona Goodwin as Dr. Abhazred
  • Paul Hungerford as Splinter/Corpulance
  • Andre Ing as Detective
  • Azure Parsons as Magoria/Bag
  • David Wolfson as Mr. Hurt
  • Jack Klugman as Sam


  • Max Goldenson (Executive Producer)
  • Drew Daywalt (Director/Writer/Producer/Editor/DP)
  • Robert Kandle (Producer)


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  • This show is amazing! I’m a fan of horror stories and I can’t stop watching it

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