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BOY FRIENDS centers on four twentysomethings (3 guys and 1 girl) as they navigate friendships, relationships, money and jobs in New York. Friends since high school, the boys are trying to come to terms with their quickly changing lives and hold on to what’s important to them. With dynamic characters and relatable situations, the show weaves together the four characters’ separate stories while introducing strong recurring players to create a unique blend of comedy and emotion.

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  • Keith Rubin as Ben
  • Charlie Covey as Danny
  • Adam Levinthal as Evan
  • Claudine Quadrat as Sam
  • Leah Lamar as Girl
  • Sam Klemmer as Craig


  • Jon Steinfield (Director/Editor/Writer/Producers)
  • Brian McCann (Director of Photography)
  • Andrew Hartman (Writer/Producers)


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