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Blue (Julia Stiles) is a mother with a secret life. She’ll do anything to keep it from her son (Uriah Shelton). But her past has other plans.

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Season 1 | Episode 01 (08:30)

Blue's secret life threatens to collide with her life as a mom when she gets a phone call from her son.


  • Julia Stiles
  • Uriah Shelton
  • David Harbour
  • Jeanne Tripplehorn


  • Rodrigo Garcia (Writer/Director)
  • Effie Brown (Producer)


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  • Chicchi Canovai

    She’s amazing

  • Danielle Rood

    Why isn’t there more!!!! This show is amazing!

  • BigMOTree

    Need more episodes! And fast!!! This could be real good on HBO or Starz!

  • Robbi Moolji

    It is convenient to think that many of her viewers would be men since this web-series shows Julia Stiles as a successful prostitute – named appropriately “Blue”. However, there is a larger demographic of viewers with this successful new web-series even advertised on cable networks for its second season. Playing a sex-worker dressed in lingerie while performing sexual acts on a variety of strangers, her unquestionable talent that corresponds to the capriciously intelligent script does not limit her acting as an objectified beautiful tragedy – that is ironically the expected theme of this drama.

    As this controversial topic has been discussed on popular radio/talk shows for many years, this series breaks the national curiosity by providing the realistic intentions behind this sex-worker that breaks the stereotypes of prostitutes being youthful, senseless and evil. Rather than glamorizing prostitution (i.e. Show Time’s “Secret Diary of a Call Girl” and TNT’s advertisements of the new show “The Client List”), Blue is constantly struggling and does not even encourage this line of work. Along with Blue’s journey to live her version of a normal lifestyle is her intelligent son Josh played by Uriah Shelton. Josh somehow balances his slightly unrealistic sophisticated script by his childish behavior. After all, Josh still has that unstable cracking voice that is yet to be conquered when he develops into a young man.

  • Miriam

    i love her and the web series! need more!

  • TuffyTiger

    This one of Julia Stiles best work. The enter working to maintain some kind of family life without exposing all those dark experiences.She tries to handle everyone but no one can or tell. This is excellent writing and I hope there is more coming.

  • Hector L Torres

    I Love the series, we need more episodes.

  • Kale84

    I am hooked. What happens next?!?!!!!

  • Lemongrass

    I wish there was more….

  • Jess

    please give us more. really great show

  • Hendrik Anke

    why cant we download this show ?/

  • Marc Wegkamp

    will this be coming to South Africa some time soon?

  • pinkarchers

    Why cant i watch this in the UK 🙁

  • sue

    I am so into this series. love Julia….her character is unbelievable….who writes her stuff….her amazing nuances….she says so much without saying a thing…..if she doesn’t get an award for best actor I will be very disappointed….

    need to get my fix every day….

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