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Banner Advertising

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Anyone involved in the creation of a web series already knows that one of the hardest task there is to get exposure for your web series. But with so much competition online, it’s sometimes hard to break through noise. And that’s where Web Series Channel comes in.

We pride ourselves with being the premier spot for people to watch and discover all types of web series and in that spirit, we want to provide some assistance for web series creators. That is why we are offering banner advertisements on Web Series Channel.

To get started go to our advertising contact page here or read further for more information.

Why should I advertising with Web Series Channel?

It’s simple, by advertising with us you are marketing your series to a targeted audience of web series lovers. And by doing so, you are making sure that your series will more benefits than with broader non-targeted advertising.

Bonus: Your contribution help in supporting Web Series Channel and assure that we can continue providing our service to the web series community. (How is this for a good deed?! The web series community thanks you!)

What advertising space are you offering?

We offer the following banner placements:

Header 728×90
Homepage 336×280
Sidebar Top 300×250
Sidebar Bottom 300×600

What is the cost of banner advertising?

Price per week:

Header 728×90 – Starting at $200

Homepage 336×280 – Starting at $150

Sidebar Top 300×250 – Starting at $150

Sidebar Bottom 300×600 – Starting at $100

Payments will be made through a Paypal invoice (which also accepts all major credit cards).

All bookings must be a minimum of one week up to a maximum of 8 weeks. All bookings must be paid before the advertising is set to begin. Failure to do so will result in cancellation.

Do I need to provide the banners for advertisement?

No. While you are absolutely welcome to use your own images for the advertising (subject to approval), we also have ad templates that can be customized for your specific web series for a modest fee.

Can I use banner that send traffic to my own site

Yes. You can designate any URL (subject to approval) to send traffic to, whether it is your official site, YouTube page, Facebook or fundraising site.

Convinced? Head over to our advertising contact page to get your advertising campaign started on Web Series Channel.

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