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“Backwash” is the tale of three slacker friends and the adventures that ensue after they hit the road in an ice cream truck after one of them inadvertently robs $100K from a bank armed only with a large salami. With echoes of the Marx Brothers and Monty Python, “Backwash” is a slapstick look at the effects of sudden wealth on three American losers—Val (Joshua Malina), Jonesy (Michael Panes) and Fleming (Michael Ian Black), told through action, animation, surrealist humor, as well as song and dance.

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Val and Jonesy

Season 1 | Episode 01 (07:58)

Featuring Jon Hamm. Jonesy is a co-dependent 10 year old trapped in a 35 year old man's body and Val is his loving keeper. Val desperately wants a free toaster from the bank. Can Jonesy overcome his fear of everything in order to get the toaster?


  • Michael Ian Black
  • Joshua Malina
  • Michael Panes


  • Danny Leiner (Writer/Director/Executive Producer)
  • Joshua Malina (Writer/Director/Executive Producer)
  • Daniel Schnider (Executive Producer)


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