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Average Joe


After getting dumped, Joe forces himself out into the dating scene of Los Angeles…with awkward results. Guest starring rock band BLACK VEIL BRIDES lead singer Andy Biersack, Average Joe is about a dude just trying to get over his ex and "screw the pain away".

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  • Joe Flanders
  • Lee Page
  • Graham Bowlin
  • Emma Sleuth
  • Alexandra Hensley
  • Andy Biersack


  • Joe Flanders (Writer/Director/Editor)
  • Lee Page (Producer)
  • Patrick Fogarty (Director of Photography/Producer)
  • Darryl DeLaney (Director of Photography)


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  • Evanna

    Is there anyway to audition for this series?

  • Amber

    how do you audition to be part of the series? i’d really like to be a part of it!! it’s fucking hilarious 😀

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