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On internet, everything is fast and nobody has time to hang around the same place for too long. Too much to see and too much to do. However, in ATtheCOUNTER, people have time to hand around at the bar and talk about anything and everything. What they don’t expect is that you, the viewer, is listen to what they say and see what they do.

Any bar, anywhere, anytime with anybody. Bars are full of funny moments and they are gathered here for your viewing pleasure.

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Silence Is Golden

Season 1 | Episode 01 (01:30)

A couple ATtheCOUNTER, putting everything down on the table with Kimberley Robinson and Samuel Robinson.


  • No character names
  • all cast are bar flies. Paul Stafford
  • Kim Robinson
  • Samuel Robinson
  • Carlos Pavao
  • Aurélien Lainé
  • Edward Burgos.


  • Aurélien Lainé (Writer
  • Director/Producer)
  • Daniel Smukalla
  • Edward Burgos (Assistant Director
  • Sound Technician)


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