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Arcana follows the character Stairs on a reluctant journey of self-discovery as he is drawn into the world of The Gambit. Along the way, Stairs must solve the riddles of the mystical, unpredictable, and prophetic Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, placing him in contact with mysterious beings known as Phoenix. As Stairs delves deeper and deeper into The Gambit, he begins to understand that the nature of his reality has never been what it has seemed, and undergoes a transformation that brings him to the brink of spiritual enlightenment and outright insanity.

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  • Joe Homes as Stairs
  • Meredith Adelaide as Eliza
  • Austin Hillebrecht as Brenden
  • Mckenzie Coffee as Phoebe
  • Dennis Fitzpatrick as Xerxes


  • Barry Morgan (Writer / Director / Producer)
  • Kristin Blyler (Producer)
  • Vinicius Kfuri (Executive Producer)
  • Matt McCulley (Director of Photography)
  • Sean Parker (Editor)
  • Kennith R. Webster (Music)
  • Rob Valdez (Sound Supervisor)
  • Austin Hillebrecht (Color Correction / Visual Effects)


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