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What's wrong with Altruman? You might see him on the news saving the world and fighting crime, but as Altruman’s new neighbours discover, he's battling something more personal. With his new friends to coax him out of isolation, Altruman slowly starts to rebuild his life, mending broken relationships, forging new ones and calling into question his life’s work. This is the story of a superhero discovering what it really means to be brave.

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  • Ben McEwing as Altruman
  • Miriam Glaser as Lily
  • David Frazer as Lance
  • Tony Nikolakopoulos as Altruman’s Dad
  • Deidre Rubenstein as Altruman’s Mum
  • Michael Finney as Diceman
  • Hannah Moon as Maggie
  • Lawrence Leung as Hamish


  • Robin Geradts-Gill (Co-director/ co-writer / producer)
  • Hannah Moon (Co-director / co-writer)
  • Stephen Sholl (co-writer)


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