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Almost a Turkish Soap Opera is about Adel, a young Turkish man whose family has lived in poverty while his grand uncle controls the inheritance money which rightfully belongs to his father. Adel travels to the USA with his best friend, works illegally, and is deported back to Istanbul. He flies to Canada, marries his grand uncle's spoiled obnoxious granddaughter in exchange for his permanent resident status. He falls in love with his beautiful English teacher and everything spirals downward from there. How did his life turn into a Turkish soap opera? The producers of the film and web series will showcase the feature film in North American and European festivals; and also as a Turkish soap opera in the Middle East dubbed in Turkish and Arabic and other languages; and in North America as a web series.

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The Arrangement

Season 1 | Episode 01 (06:04)

Adel is arranged to marry his Grand Uncle's obnoxious spoiled granddaughter in exchange for his permanent status in Canada.


  • Fatih Turan as Kamil
  • Jon Welch as Adel
  • Kim Bennett as Nora
  • Donna Bonastella as Yonka
  • John Samaha as Grand Uncle Emre
  • Sam Mansouri as Mirwan
  • Seyhan Demir as Adel's father
  • Arif Guler as Sami
  • Sera Malazi as Ayca


  • Joseph Khalil (Producer)
  • Anne-Rae Vasquez (Director/Screenplay)
  • Brandon Peterson (Director of Photography)
  • Linda McIntyre (Assistant Director/Technical Producer)
  • Sameer Khalil (Associate Producer)
  • Victor Stapelberg (Art Director/Costume Design/Set Director)
  • Scott Bolder (Sound Lead)
  • Amber Kemper (Lead Makeup/Hair)
  • Diana Mejia (Assistant Lead Makeup/Hair)
  • Andrew Vasquez Cruz(Stunt choreographer)
  • Fikret Cesmeli (Original Music)
  • Arielle Tulia (Original Music)
  • Issam Houshan (Drum solo)


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  • uzair

    Adel, Dont marry her man. She is very bad! All the best.

  • Waji Lala

    Very interesting video indeed. I have to admit that I always follow all videos about this, so it was quite interesting to watch this.

  • alysonamend

    It is really a wonderful and amazing video.

  • This will be nice i hope it will be no tv

  • Tarek Hamadi

    i like the guettar in the music its too much great and its great movie i love it tooo much thnx for it

  • Thanh Le

    It’s interesting! I like the red coat of the woman at the beginning of the video

  • The arrangement is really a great turkish tv series. Adel acting is good. Song also amazing. Picture quality is awesome. Thanks.

  • draganlimon

    Excellent video with superb editing.Every character nicely done their job.

  • This is very nice video I like this video very much.i watch this video daily.

  • aseemhassan

    oh wow that’s so good video , really is so amazing video , i like it so much

  • lillie starling

    What a lovely and fantastic video, I ever seen before.

  • Very real and interesting video. The character looks very realistic and the presentation is superb. The theme is good and provide a great enjoyment.

  • This is excellent qualities video. Jon Welch as Adel acting finely.

  • happy

    really nice. i have enjoy it.red coat woman is nice.

  • Max

    Awesome video. I like it !!

  • Manirul

    wonderful video. i live the person comment i will try to be a good husband. every person need to think about this type of thinking.

  • Very interesting video indeed. It is really a wonderful and amazing video.

  • milon

    It is really a wonderful and amazing video.The arrangement is really a great turkish tv series

  • kristinalucas

    wow this is totally awesome and interesting episode of this webseries indeed . great screenplay and the performance of each and every artist is brilliant. this is some interesting, inspired, innovative, interactive, improvisational …..family drama . terrific story lineup !! i can say it is the mindblowing series of all the episodes .!!!

  • maria mulyani sr

    A very impressive soap opera, romantic and encouraging. Adel you must brave to take your choice..

  • Awesome video…liked it a lot

  • Adel, please dont marry her, she is very bad 🙂

  • mehedi1115

    Almost a Turkish Soap Opera!!! what a impressive video. Enjoyed it a lot :))

  • The LA Web Series Festival 2012 just announced that Almost a Turkish Soap Opera web series is one of the 50 Official Selections to their festival which will take place in Los Angeles at the Radisson at LAX from April 6 to 8. The announcement was made February 4 on their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/lawebfest).

  • Awesome Video, Amazing Quality. 😉

  • Josefina – PR manager

    Almost a Turkish Soap Opera Season 1 web series won the Audience Choice Award Mingle Media TV – New Media Film Festival 2012 in Los Angeles.  Thank you to all our fans for your support.

  • The post of this website is highly informative.I like it.

  • JohnQknowitall

    Episode one has my interest… now onto episode two.

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