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Christopher Roy is entering his third year of high school at a new school.
Fed up with the same old high school experience, he’s given up the possibility of change and decides to coast through another boring year with no attachments and especially no drama…until he meets Eden.

With an attraction to this girl that he can't ignore, Chris is relentlessly thrown into events beyond his control.

Along for the ride is a troubled rebel named Gunner, an obnoxious otaku named Edward and a young journalist named Brooklyn who is struggling to find her "story of the year".

These four students are searching for something. Will they find it in Eden?

The outcome is unclear, however, one thing is certain:

High school will never be the same again.

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Welcome to E-Section

Season 1 | Episode 01 (11:25)

Expect the inevitable. Chris is entering his third year of school in the "ACE" education system at a new high school. Stuck in E-Section, he's fed up with the same old and has given up hope that anything will change. He's prepared to coast through another uneventful year. Or is he? The appearance of a mysterious girl may shake up what he has concluded to be the truth and spiral him into the unknown... The outcome is impossible to predict but one thing is certain: High school will never be the same again.


  • Alina McLeod
  • Andrew Fosseneuve
  • Jason Kucey
  • Max Pedley
  • Dakota Hebert
  • Trillian Reynoldson


  • Tyler Smeding
  • Rosemary Stephenson
  • Zac Knuttila
  • Max Pedley
  • Steven Roberts


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