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4Villains is a comedic series surrounding four inept villains trying to rise to power in a comic style world of heroes and villains. The four join forces to create their own unsanctioned guild of villains. Their aim is to gather the downtrodden, unwanted and unworthy villains to create a presence in the world’s villainous community. This is where you come in: sign up to our site and start posting about the exploits of your hero or villain, and you could find yourself being featured in an episode alongside our cast. Check back for new episodes, web comics, mini-series, and other shorts!

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Season 1 | Episode 01 (24:32)

After a fallout with his employers, the government sanction guild of villainy known as "The Crucible", Dr.Don't finds himself without a job or prospects, his life turned upside down. Shadowsnake a time travelling ninja form the 16th century, attempting to get accepted into "The Crucible" has his application denied... again. The two meet in the local villain hangout and decide to create an unsanctioned guild of villains of their own and 4Villains is born!


  • Jeff Saamanen as Shadowsnake
  • Devan Douglas as Dr.Don't
  • Justin Guthrie as Evil Hidden
  • Laura Lapadat as Psynapse


  • Jeff Saamanen (Director)
  • Lucas Erskine (Producer)
  • Patrick Okeeffe (Audio)
  • Dylan Newstead (DP)
  • Devan Douglas (Gaffer)
  • Darryl LeCraw (Camera Assist.)
  • Jason Dondale (Editor)


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