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Andrew (Steven Trothen) and David (Evan Konstantine), brought together by the shared memory of a lover’s death, are manipulated based on the experiences they both believe to be true. Whose memories are real, and why they share them, becomes the question they both must try to answer.

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Episode 1

Season 1 | Episode 01 (11:25)

David wakes up with no memory of the previous day. With the help of psychologist Victor, he attempts to piece together what he lost. Andrew moves into a new shared living situation, but soon grows uneasy around his new housemates.


  • Steven Trothen
  • Evan Konstantine
  • Joe Sobalo Jr.
  • David J. Curtis
  • Stacy Caswell
  • Michael T. Francis
  • Zinnia Politzer


  • Zak Ray (Director
  • Writer)
  • Sam Luddy (Director
  • Writer)
  • Domenico Eramo (Executive Producer)
  • Zak Ray (Director of Photography)
  • Laura Pantaline (Assistant Director)
  • Erica Scoppettuolo (2nd Assistant Director)
  • Fred Soligan (Editor)
  • Bert Mayer (Gaffer)
  • Sam Weiner (Key Grip)
  • Erin Whitson (Production Sound Recordist)
  • Heather Rose (Special Thanks)


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